Prodealer are an established supplier of digital marketing services to Automotive Dealers.

Social Media is a constantly changing landscape that requires specific skills to manage professionally to maximize results. We provide expert platform knowledge, professional content generation and graphic design all at your disposal.

Organic Social Media is generating a following of Social Media users who engage with your business page and increase your exposure on Social Media.

Paid Social Media involves creating and managing specific advertising campaigns to target a pre-defined audience with your paid promotion. Paid Social Media advertising allows you to promote your business with a specific objective.

Yes we work closely with manufacturer guidelines to ensure all requirements are met regarding your obligations for marketing your business through Social Media platforms.

Yes we provide agency level services to Automotive Dealers to increase your exposure on Social Media. We have a professional team with years of experience working full-time providing professional Social Media services.

No we are that confident enough in our services that we feel no need to enforce fixed term contracts.

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