Frequently Asked

We are an established and trusted supplier of services to Automotive Dealers.

We provide professional content generation, graphic design and expert platform knowledge. Having a team of professionals at your disposal allows your staff concentrate on what they do best while we concentrate on delivering you faster and better results.

We guarantee that our Social Media services will provide you far better results than what you can achieve in-house. We have a professional team with years of experience working full-time providing professional Social Media management.

We most certainly do and we really encourage you being involved. We can professionally enhance any content you wish to publish. Posts that you provide us are simply included in your weekly service of 7 daily posts to your Social Media platforms.

We are experts in targeted marketing using Social Media. Simply tell us your advertising budget and we will create the required content and artwork then push your posts or promotions out to predefined and a far wider audience.

Google My Business Posts are like mini-ads for your company, products, or services. Google offers a variety of posts you can create to promote your business such as a product, an offer, an event or even simply what’s new and happening within your business.

Be responsive, proactive and engage with users who contact you. Respond to messages and feedback in a timely manner. Regularly send us information about your business and we will professionally enhance it to grow your Social Media impact.

Australia has over 15 million regular Facebook users, over 9 million regular Instagram users and almost every business in Australia has a Google My Business listing for consumers to find out more information about their products and services.

Negative feedback and reviews can have a seriously adverse affect on your business in the social world. We assist you in how to professionally manage your response as well as initiate action to remove content that can be damaging to your brand.

Yes we work closely with manufacturer guidelines to ensure all requirements are met regarding your obligations for marketing your business through Social Media platforms.

No we are that confident enough in our services that we feel no need to enforce fixed term contracts.

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