About Prodealer

Prodealer is a digital marketing agency providing services exclusively to the automotive industry. Since 2005 we have been providing digital solutions and great service to Australian automotive dealers all over the country.

We have delivered and maintain hundreds of digital marketing services to automotive dealers. We are a certified supplier of digital services to the major automotive manufacturers and provide manufacturer compliant Social Media services to their dealer networks.

As Social Media evolved our customers communicated their needs to us that they could not achieve the results they wanted by managing their own Social Media in-house. The day to day focus of running their automotive business with a part time devotion to managing a Social Media page was not simply not enough anymore.

They required that these services be outsourced so they could effectively do what they do best which is running their own businesses. Prodealer Social media was created to provide your business with better Social Media promotion. If you are not doing well with Social Media we can really help you to be a powerhouse.

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